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Asheville, North Carolina

Experiencing the drum circle


I talked to my brother Jon & his wife on the phone, actually just about exchanging software, but they said...Ellen you need a stress free weekend..come visit us. They'd mentioned this visit before and I had been thinking about how cool it must be for them since they moved into downtown Asheville, NC...yeah I needed to go. Spur of the moment, I packed. In one final conversation before I left Atlanta Jon said... hey let's do weird hair this weekend... lol... ok.. no problem, got plenty of hair ties :

My GPS killed my blackberry 50 miles out so I had to charge my batteries in a bathroom of some convenient store....I had enough juice that when I got close I turned my phone back on to call at every landmark and say ... ok quick just street names, I only have seconds left. I passed their house several times but couldn't tell ... I finally said.. 'Jon stand outside so I can see you'.. in seconds I see this man in the street with a mohawk flailing his arms in the air... hahaha... we had a good laugh about his hair .... moments later his wife Sharon, previously with a thick mane of long dark gorgeous hair, jumped into the doorway with a completely shaven head! This is not every day stuff for us...but I knew instantly I was in the right place for my stress sabbatical.

Sharon pushed for us all to finish our weekend initializing drinks and head to the drum circle which takes place every Friday night in downtown Asheville. I was thinking ... oh that's kinda neat to hear some locals playing drums on the street...I had no idea... I could not believe the scene when we arrived... there could have been 300 to 400 people in the square center playing drums, cow bells... tamborines... gourds filled with seeds.. flutes.. whatever anyone wanted to bring ... and the beauty was not only was it AWESOME MUSIC... people were dancing ...it was intoxicating... relaxing... set your mind free... fulfilling... on and on.. I absolutely loved it, I'll to go back again.

At the end of the night my sis-in-law said ....I know I've chosen the right place to live when a girl can shave her head bald and no one even looks at you twice.

I'm adding a pic... had to borrow it though, did not have my phone ...stress free weekend..

Much more than that... the town is jumping... we had a fantastic pizza at Mellow Mushroom and totally enjoyed hanging out... Asheville is one of those cities put on the map by local artists...here's a great site for info on all it offers...http://www.romanticasheville.com/ because I could never cover all that...

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